Computerised Engraving
Service Edinburgh
We have numerous computerised engraving machines each suited to specific tasks. Including manual Pantograph machines, Hermes 810 computerised engraving machines, Newing-Hall 350 Apex Machines,TLC-250  and the latest Laser engravers. We have added to our collection over the years but are still using many of our machines from the early days also. We do a lot of high volume work so it pays to have machines available. Helping us have a fast and efficient service is what we aim for. If you would like something engraved pop into the shop in Edinburgh or give us a call and we will discuss your engraving requirements with you with out any obligation on your part.
Come and Visit
The Shop
We will give you free advice and the timescales involved and what we require in artwork from you if required. Bring any artwork you plan to use with you when you come in on a flash drive or cd etc. We sell Hip-Flasks, Quaich and Tankards in the Shop which include standard text engraving. We don't have a problem if you bring your own items. Besides the above we also sell a huge range of Medals, Trophies, Salvers, Shields and Cups which we are able to turn around fast.

We have a large selection of items in our catalogue  which we can have delivered engraved to your door within a week and even quicker 48hrs if its a stock item.
Zippo Lighter
zippo lighter with bespoke art design
The Zippo lighter above was engraved with our computerised engraver the Newing-Hall Apex 350.  If you want a lighter personalised bring us a black and white vector file of your graphic. Approx cost for this type of job £15.00 to £20.00
Pewter Hip-Flask
with Clan Crest
pewter hip-flask engraved with scottish clan crest badge and text
This pewter hip-flask has the family MacPherson  Clan Crest scribed on it. We have a range of these flasks in the shop. Or we can engrave your own. We charge Approx £25.00 for this size crest. We hold a huge selection of Scottish Clan Crest Badges on file.
Sgian Dubh
sgian dubh with name scribed on it
The Sgian-Dubh is is small single-edge knife worn in the sock with blade handle hanging out in Scottish Highland dress along with the kilt. It is normal to have these knives personalised as gifts at Scottish Weddings for the important males such as Best-Man.
with Crest
pewter tankard engraved with royal crest and scrpt
All our Pewter Tankards are hand-made in Sheffield World renowned for its pewter industry. You can also get lined gift boxes for these. Popular for special Birthdays, Retirements and also again Weddings. Be imaginative in your design or message.
iPod with
ipod engraved with a birthday greeting
Put a Personal Message on an iPod
Some iPods engrave very well and its possible to do phone covers and iPads as well. The materials have to be suitable we can tell you usually right away. For a message like this cost would be £15.00
dog tags and name tags with initials
Dog Tags - Name Tags
Customers usually want the names of their loved ones or medical details on this type of tag. It will cost around £15.00 for putting something similar to this on.
Medal with
Name and Date
medal with tournament sponser name and date
It's always nice to have the back of any medal you win have your name on it. This medal has also got the sponsor of the tournament and the event date. Room has been left for the recipient's name to be added. We have always plenty of sports medallions in stock.
Mounted on Wood Base
clog mounted on wood with plaques
Creative people can think of the most awesome ideas. This was a gift for someone leaving for Holland we just added the plate.In the shop we have boards with sample materials and colours we cut the pate to the size you require ideal for picture frames also.
Sterling Silver
Flask with Intials
Sterling Silver Flask with Intials
intials engraved on a sterling silver hip-flask
By just adding the Initials to this beautiful flask it's kept elegant. See us diamond engrave on YouTube by clicking the link below.
Plate Mounted
Wood Plinth
trophy plate with name and date engraved on it
Name Plates for Trophies