Sports Tournament Prize
or Corporate Event
silver cups in alpha trophies trophy cabinet in edinburgh
Cups for presentation and sports awards nights we can engrave your team badge and title the trophy. Choose from silver or nickel-plate, gold or silver finish. Everything you need for your golf tournament or football league. Designs to match whatever your budget. We have hand-cut British made cups with mahogany plinths to nickel awards with heavy square weighted bakelite bases. So from the most prestigious live televised sports event to top corporate-award ceremonies and school sports day we have you covered. Let us help you create special moments.
craftsman hand-chasing trophies before silver plating
The most exclusive and expensive trophies we sell are silver hand/chased cups. Hand-made in Britain built by master craftsman
these are the ultimate in awards.
They may be hallmarked silver (thousands of pounds) or plated (hundreds of pounds) Also they may need to be made to order. They require love and care.
Hand Made
Chased Silver
hand chased silver trophy cups
Above some of our hand-chased silver/plate cups with lid and also
mahogany or rosewood plinth with collar band. We have several from this range in our showroom on display. Lead times for any not in stock are fairly short. We can discuss all your requirements with you in advance and help you choose the style you need for your project.
Let us know which item you are interested in and your timescales.
Silver Plate
silver plated trophy cups
Just like said previously these are all hand-crafted here in the UK. If you need to have high quality but don't have the budget for a more expensive cut award or just like a traditional design these will suit you better. Available in lots of styles and with numerous options of plinth type and materials, size and shape. We can send you details on request fill in our enquiry form for a catalogue link.
Nickel Plated
From a price range from approx £50 upwards to £200 these don't break the bank and still look and feel stylish. In terms of strength they are probably the least likely
to lose a handle if dropped on a hard floor. Easy to clean and also tarnish free. Good choice if you
require something hard wearing.
Available with round or square plinths in wood or metal.
italian marble based presentation trophies in gold and silver
Italian Style Trophies
Marble Base
In the showroom we have a vast range of heavy marble based cup and bowl awards. Ready to take straight of the shelves. Suitable for adding your title and winners names on the base-plates only. With the cost of these ranging from about £18 to £80. For a good sized piece suitable for perpetual use would cost around £50.   
nickel plate cup trophy with wood plinth and engraved base plate
In the example above the wood plinth of the cup has a titled plate.
The plate has the name of the dance group in an arc, with rest
of the text underneath. From the insert pictures you can see the layout we have inputted into the computer. In the other image (bottom left) the aluminium is inserted in the vice. The diamond tip of our apparatus is seen cutting out the text. Side plates can be added.