These are the machines and tools we use to provide you with our engraving service.  For machine engraving we use the Hermes 810, Newing-Hall TLC-250 and Apex 350. For laser-etching we use the Epilog  and for Colour Printing we have just purchased a Direct to Substrate Printer. When it comes to manual we have the Pantograph and also Hand Engraving. We have a YouTube site where you can see some of our machines in action.
Our Machines
and Service Offered
Epilog Laser
Engraving Machine
an epilog laser floor standing in alpha trophies
The laser is used for either cutting and or marking various materials.
In our industry these computer operated etchers make things possible that before couldn't be imagined. We use for wood shields and metal plaques with coatings The high definition that is created makes graphics and text stand out like never before especially on colour plastics and anodised metal.
Newing-Hall TLC-250
Engraving Machine
the newing-hall tlc-250 engraving machine
This machine is now older than a lot of our customers. The reason we still use it to this day is it's brilliant. Run of an old Amstrad P.C from the late eighties, which has woken-up everyday it's been switched on since 1980. The TLC machine never grumbles either except sometimes on very cold Edinburgh mornings when it will chitter it's way to a cold start.
Newing-Hall HP350
Engraving Machine
The NewingHall engraving machine is another gem. This is what we do our tankards and flasks on. Over the years we have adapted and customised it with grips and attachments. Mostly these days we use it for metal bowls, tankards and other cylindrical objects. Another oldie but goldie.
the newing-hall hp-350 engraving machine
Hermes 810 Computerised
Engraving Machine
the hermes 810 computerised machine engraving
Our trusty friend the Hermes 810 for putting the names and dates on your medals and trophy base plates. This is a very well travelled machine of ours and back in the day has engraved medals at the old Meadowbank Stadium and Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh.
With out a doubt this has engraved tens of thousands of medals and name-plates.
Gravograph Pantograph
Engraving Machine
the gravograph pantograph engraving machine
To find out more about this form of engraving still widely used by us today click the link below. If you have had any cups or quaich's updated by us then we probably used this for doing it. You will find pictures and links to our pantograph engraving videos on you-tube. Plus further information. 
tools of the trade for the hand engraver
Keeping up the tradition of years gone by with this skilled trade. You don't want to start engraving a Victorian cup with a machine so this dying art saves the day. Silverware, ornate trophies and salvers are all items still scribed this way, from chains of office to antique medals. Still the choice for precious pieces and items such as bangles, pocket-watches etc.
direct to substrate colour printer
Direct to Substrate
Colour Printer