Engraving Service
Hand engravers use a v-grooved cutting tool which has a moulded hand grip at the top. The hand engraver cuts into the surface of the metal which may be silverware, silver plated items, brass, pewter, jewellery, watches, rings, lighters etc by applying pressure to the object being engraved. Most engravers mark out the area to be worked on before the engraving, others work free hand. Sometimes a vice is used  to hold smaller objects.
Hand Engraving
Engraving by Hand
Top Tips when bringing your hand engraving to us:

(1.)  Hand engravers are always busy so please get the items to be engraved to us as early as possible.

(2.)  We don't take names or dates for engraving over the phone so please E-Mail, or Fax or the details in CAPITAL LETTERS.

(3.)  Always check then check again the spelling.

(4.)  Pack safely to prevent damage to your precious items wrap items to protect if necessary.
Please Keep
In Mind
Silver Cups
Engraving Restoration on fire damaged and antique cups and trophies needing repair.

We can get your silverware back to almost new condition..The engraving on vintage cups can be recut by our hand-engraver.

Afterwards the item can be plated although not a cheap option it's usually less expense than replacement
This cup was found in a garden shed after nearly four decades
daily record ken buchanan boxing trophy after restoration
daily record ken buchanan boxing trophy before restoration
Pic below The cup after re-engraving and silver plating restore
Hand Engraving
Engraving by Hand