Engraving Service
From the 1930's until as recent as the late 70's pantographs were the only available engraving machines. Today we use our pantograph as much as ever for larger cylindrical objects, trophies and bowls. We use a solid floor model with various sized cones. Great for engraving perpetual cups, quaich  and large tankards. The picture shows some of the plates used to trace with the pantograph.
Operating a Pantograph
an engraver using a pantograph engraving machine to engrave a cup base band
An engraver operating the pantograph
The Pantograph is made up of four horizontal arms and holds a diamond cutter. Moving the end of one bar over the outline of the brass plates causes the cutter on the connected bar to duplicate the same shape traced by a diamond pointer.
pantograph machine engraving a silver plated cup
Brass plates used to trace the letters
the brass plates used for tracing letters in pantograph engraving
Wide Aspect
the gravograph pantograph free standing engraving machine wide angle view
The Plates are slid into the tracks and tightened up with the screws
trophy base band plinth engraved by pantograph machine
pantograph brass engraving plates lined up ready for engraving
Brass Tracing Plates
and Finished Base Band