name tags neck chains  with names and intials engraved on them
We engrave text and images onto your items. Here are sample pics.

Tags with a chain would be a bit plain with nothing on.

You'll be surprised how reasonable our prices are.  Call us and find out.
watch engraved on the back with birthday date for 18th
Watches come in all shapes and sizes.

For that someone close to you say it and they will wear it.

Bring in and we will tell you if we can word it. It the bracelet or strip must open fully.
Pendent on Chain
cartouche pendent on chain with name
Whether you want a special message added onto a pendant.

Or you would like just a few letters or nick-name.

It's a wonderful way to show your appreciation and love.
Sterling Silver
sterling silver hip-flask with intials inscribed on
A nice siver hip flask of superior quality.

Your own message or image, for best man or ushers.

We have a huge range of fonts to choose from, just come in
and ask us.
Zippo Lighter
with Graphic
engraved zippo lighter engraved with dragon design
A bespoke design on your Zippo lighter.

We reproduced the customers own artwork for this.

But equally a loving phrase of your choice would suffice.
Gold and Silver
Compact Case
gold and siver engraved with baby weight date and birth
Celebrate the arrival of a new baby or christening.

Create a treasured keepsake that will last until adulthood.

Memories for a special time in your life with a special person.
You will have noticed one of these when you have seen a Scotsman wearing a kilt.

The handle sticking out from the top of one of his socks.

This is known as a Sgian-Dubh (gaelic for small dagger).
Pewter Tankard
Brass Plate Name
pewter tankard with brass plate engraved with fist name
This mug has brass plate insert.

Many are decorative but for impact simple is best.

Badges and crests can be marked onto the metal usually pewter.

Suitable for logo, crest or badge.
Letter Opener
gold letter opener scribed with persons intials
Got one of these ?

We can put your quote or special message on the blade.

Have that unique letter opener.

For the person who likes to open stationery in syle.
Wedding Quaich
Clan and Arc Text
wedding quaich with clan crest in centre of bowl text in arc surrounding
This is an a Scottish tradition using this two handled bowl or cup.

At weddings the couple will take a a handle each to share a drink.

Sometimes the clan crest of the two families will also appear in the cup.
Wedding Ornament
Plate with Bride and Groom
wedding ring hands ornament engraved with wedding date and names
Personalised rings for your wedding day.

Or a plate for that special ornament to commerate the big day.

A day and date to remember so carve out for ever.
Birthday Present
iPod in case with birthday message for dad
Create your very own uniquely engraved iPod Shuffle or iPhone.

The metal casings can have you own favorite phrase or saying.

While the anodized aluminum apple products can be laser etched.