Information and Advice on Choosing Pewter Quaich
On this page I'm hoping to facilitate you on which quaich and what size is best for your task.

Some sizes and types are better suited than others if you cant make your mind up just call or email us.

This page deals with pewter but it relates to all the other materials they are made of as well.

Clicking on the picture will give you a hi-res image, price and details.

If you want to order make sure to take a note of the Cat: No.

Quaich Engraved with Logo and Text
3" Pewter Quaich
Cat: 15300   £36.00
Cat: 15300
Cat: 15300

3" Pewter Quaich. £36.00 Hand Made in UK

Click Here for Hi-Res Image Pewter Quaich 15300
This three inch is generally used for Christenings and baby gifts (arrival of a new child). Also for corporate promotion and hotel gifts to mark special occasions. An excellent personalised gift.
4" Pewter Quaich
Cat: 15400  £43.00
Cat: 15400
Cat: 15400

4" Pewter Quaich. £43.00 Hand Made in UK

Click Here for Hi-Res Image Pewter Quaich 15400
The four inch is the most popular size ideal if you have a small logo and want some supporting text used in arc's in the top and bottom of the bowl. This leaves the centre display for your logo.
5" Pewter Quaich
Cat: 15500  £61.00
The five inch is great if you want more impact. Allowing plenty of space for the words and artwork. Can be used for as a present for the special guests and family, or
for the couple to toast from.

Cat: 15500
Cat: 15500

5" Pewter Quaich. £61.00 Hand Made in UK

Click Here for Hi-Res Image Pewter Quaich 15500
6" Pewter Quaich
Cat: 15600   £68.00
The difference in size gets more noticeable here for any artwork and bold text inside. Suitable for most larger logo corporate branding. Ideal for companies, schools, colleges and universities.
Cat: 15600
Cat: 15600

6" Pewter Quaich. £68.00 Hand Made in UK

Click Here for Hi-Res Image Pewter Quaich 15600
8" Pewter Quaich
Cat: 15800   £110
This eight inch is suitable for putting the winners names and dates around the circumference of the bowl. In this way it can be used annually for use as a perpetual award.
Cat: 15800
Cat: 15800

8" Pewter Quaich. £110 Hand Made in UK

Click Here for Hi-Res Image Pewter Quaich 15800
Pewter Tappit-Hen Trophy
£70.00 and £84.00
pewter tappit hen-jug trophy hi-res image
Click the tankard above for a
larger image of the jug
A Tappit Hen is a pewter tankard with a lid  with a catch which can lift the lid by pushing down on it. The handle usually has a thumb grip. The body is somewhat hour-glass shaped. They are used in Scotland as trophies and the winners names and dates are entered on them. The front side face will have the title of the awards competition on it. They are truly wonderful items. Lid can be inscribed
engraved tappit-hen trophy hi-res image
What is a
Tappit-Hen Trophy ?
Cat: 29202
1& 1/2 Pint £84.00

Cat: 29201
3/4 Pint £70.00
Wha's Like Us
Are you in Edinburgh looking for something special and uniquely Scottish for a gift ?

If so we can help we have a large selection of Hand-Made Quaich in Pewter or Silver Plate. Alongside those we have Hip-Flasks both Celtic design and simple for more impact when engraving. We have sold  "Tens of thousands" of these bowls alone and engraved and personalised them with text, logo and clan badges etc. There are many shops selling quaich's in Edinburgh but we engrave on the premises and have large stocks for rapid service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the best item for you and aid you with the layout as well.
Large Scale Branding for
We have the facilities available for large scale engraving production. If your a company who wants to promote your company we can do that for you. This is something we are well used to doing. We have seen them go all the way to the Far-East, Canada, Brazil, USA, Europe and Japan to name a few. 
engraved pewter quaich with university crest
How Do
I Buy ? 
Just send us an email stating the quantity and the size you want.

Tell us the catalogue number.

Send any logo or artwork required as an attachment.

No need to worry about payment at the moment this can be done over the telephone or in our shop  in person.

Don't forget to tell us when you require the items and give us your name and phone number.

We will get in touch with you as soon as we can.
Do You Do Rush Jobs ?
I am in a Hurry 
Yes we engrave on the premises and have adequate stock in store.

Unless you need really large quantities we will be able to satisfy your requirements within 24 hours.

For huge orders and complicated engraving we may take a few days.

You can pick-up in the shop or get your order delivered.

For questions just call us we are really friendly.

If your artwork aint what it should be we can fix it for you for you.