Silver Cups and Trophies  Edinburgh
These elegant silver plated trophies have clearly defined Celtic wire or mount.

From the Swatkins Prestige, Supreme and Ultimate awards range.

Warranty against defects in manufacture for life of first ownership.

We can offer diamond machine or hand-engraved title of the cup face and add a logo or crest for you if required.
silver plated celtic mounted cup with wood base and covered plinth
Silver Plated Celtic Mounted Prestige Award with Covered Plinth Band and Wood Base S43-CM313
This stunner of a cup is available in three sizes.

Good space for engraving the title on the front face.

They are all suitable for engraving company logo, club badges and crests.
close-up of celtic mount around  cup top swatkins cm313
swatkins prestige silverware lifetime warranty logo
S43-CM313C  10.25"  £325.00
S43-CM313E  12.25"  £445.00
S43-CM313F  13.50"  £550.00
Silver Plate Celtic Mounted Cup Prestige Award with Integral Plinth Band on Wood Base S42-CM496
silver plate celtic mounted cup with integral plinth band wood base
S42-CM496A  11.25" £415.00
S42-CM496B  14"      £695.00
S42-CM496C  17"      £925.00
with a
Scottish Twist
This cup has a decorative
Celtic band around the rim.

Handles are decorative.

Stunningly finished with a
wooden base.

With integral silver plated
plinth band.

Available in 3 sizes

Lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.
celtic mounted silver plated prestige cup on wood base
Silver Plate Celtic Mounted Cup Prestige Award with Integral Plinth Band on Wood Base S42-CM484
CM484 Celtic Mounted Silver Plated Cup Three Sizes Available
S42-CM484A    9.5"    £325.00
(has integral plinth band)

S42-CM484B  11.5"    £495.00
(has integral plinth band)

S42-CM484C  14.75"  £795.00
three silver plated celtic mounted cups with wood bases cm484
close-up image of silver plated celtic mounted cup cm484
Thistle Wreath
Hand Chased
Silver Plated Supreme Award
silver thistle cup trophy hand chased with thistle design and wood plinth
ultimate celtic cup silver plated hand chased lid mahogany plinth band
The Ultimate Celtic Cup
Silver Plated Hand/Chased with Lid
Mahogany Plinth and Plinth Band
S48-L103  20.50"  £2750.00
Magnificently crafted with pattern on cup face, foot and lid. Celtic-Wire Mount
swatkins ultimate silver awards logo
close-up of ultimate celtic cup s96-l103 lid and celtic detail
S44-54A  11.50"   £450.00
S44-54B  14.00"  £595.00