Silver-Plate Handmade
Celtic Prestige Quaich
silver trophy quaich on tartan cloth
Unique Scottish Quaich Trophy that is sure to please the recipient and have the required prestige for your event. For use as a Corporate Awards for Achievement or maybe in Sales or Customer Service.
S-P Perpetual
Also used for competition prizes. See picture below.

College or University achievement.

Below a golf award on a square wood base plate on front for title.

This base has a recess for a snug fitting.
perpetual quaich trophy with years and winners names
What is a perpetual trophy ?

The difference is the size and
width of the bowl, to accommodate the image and text in the centre.

Also the base is larger to allow for the dates and the winners names.

The format for the plinth band is date / name / club etc:
2019 G.Spiers Edinburgh
British Trophies
with Bakelite base
We have three sizes to use as an annual or perpetual award.

The addition of a bakelite plinth with included silver plate band.

Turns this into a wonderful trophy.

quaich award for bag-piping with engraved school crest
Pipe bands travel the world to take part in competitions and perform at various galas and parades.

They will often take quaich's to give as gifts bearing a badge or logo.

School crest in the centre with inscriptions in an arc surrounding.
Quaich with No Base or Band
Size of Quaich

1289F 6" £225
1289G 8." £375
Quaich with
Bakelite Base and
SP Band


1289ETB 5" £272.50
1289FTB 6" £320
1289GTB 8" £484
Quaich with
Plinth and
SP Band


1289FTBM 6" £395
1289GTBM 8" £575
Silver Trophy Quaich
Price List 2019
Title on the
quaich with hand engraved inscription celebrating wedding anniversary
The picture below shows hand-engraving on the front.

If you feel you need to engrave the front rather than inside.

We don't machine engrave the front of the silver quaich's.

So this would be your option.
bakelite plinth base for silver quaich trophy with plinth band
Bakelite Base and with Silver Plate Plinth Band
bakelite plinth base for silver quaich trophy
mahogany plinth base for silver quaich trophy with band
Mahogany Base and with Silver Plate Band
mahogany plinth base for silver quaich trophy
quaich engraved with university crest in black lined gift box
As you can see they really look resplendent with their mirror like finish.

This would stand out as a magnificent centrepiece for any top presentation or ceremony.

Quaich in lined Presentation case.
Small Silver Quaich
Dahlia Quaich Trophy
Rugby Union Trophy Quaich
Lawn Bowls Award
Large Quaich with Thistle
Tennis Trophy
Here is some pictures of engraved silver quaich.
Laser Etch
Title Plate
wojtek the bear engraved on ice-hockey cup
Wojtek the Bear engraved on the plate of this Ice-Hockey cup.

Laser etching enables high definition images to be transferred to coated metal.

Above picture stands out nicely.

Click the picture for large image.